Dear Members of the TAICEP Community,

Over the past weeks, COVID-19 has been at the forefront of our thoughts and created challenges none anticipated. At this time, TAICEP plans to move forward with the 6th Annual Conference. The organization has taken into consideration the fact that many people are concerned about how the virus will affect international travel and, for this reason, we are delaying registration until early Summer. Our highest priority is the health and safety of members and colleagues at home and around the world. To that end, we are closely monitoring the events unfolding regarding COVID-19 and will inform you of any change in plans.

Thank you for all that you do and take care, 

Jeanie Bell
TAICEP President

TAICEP 6th Annual Conference - Glasgow

TAICEP is a membership organization for anyone involved in the specialized field of international credential evaluation. Our members represent higher education institutions, independent evaluation agencies, ENIC/NARIC offices, government ministries, licensing authorities, examination boards, awarding bodies, and other organizations.

At each TAICEP Annual Conference, credential evaluators from around the world, both those new to the field as well as those with years of experience, come together to learn, to share knowledge, to network, and to promote the interests of our unique industry. Building on the overwhelming success of the previous five TAICEP conferences, in 2020 we will gather in Glasgow to share our similarities, understand our differences, and work for the common good.

How Will I Benefit From Attending The TAICEP 6th Annual Conference?

We believe that both new and seasoned professionals in the field of international credential evaluation can benefit from attending the Annual TAICEP Conference. As the largest networking opportunity in the industry, you'll have the opportunity to meet presenters and experts from around the world and establish connections that will positively influence your personal and professional development. Over the course of the conference, you'll also have the chance to: 

  • Partake in nearly 50 workshops, sessions, and plenaries, all focused on international credential evaluation 
  • Learn about different educational systems around the world and understand best practices when assessing international credentials 
  • Refresh and refine your understanding of educational systems
  • Understand how the field is changing in respect to changing trends and political influences abroad
  • Gain insights from field experts on specialized topics such as transnational education, accreditation, global standards in international credential evaluation, and more
  • Receive exclusive access to the latest research, news, and resources presented in the field
  • Discover credential evaluation services, products, and organizations to help you improve your organization's effectiveness
  • Earn credit towards a TAICEP Certificate program
  • Explore a new city and its unique customs, cultures, and traditions

Your attendance directly supports the advocacy and sustainability of the organization and we hope you'll be a part of this rewarding experience! 

Want to reap the benefits of attending the TAICEP Annual Conference? Use our customizable TAICEP Justification Letter to help obtain approval from your supervisor or manager. 

Glasgow Marriott Hotel

All conference activities including workshops, sessions, meals and receptions will take place at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel ,500 Argyle St. Glasgow, Scotland. TAICEP has negotiated discounted rooms for attendees to take advantage of starting at £129 GBP/ night. Discounted rooms are limited in quantity and offered on a first come, first served basis. We recommend booking your room at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel through the link below because it's the center of all your conference activities. Staying onsite allows you to quickly get to presentations and workshops, provides you opportunities for networking and collaborating with conference attendees, and it makes it easy to return to your room between sessions or after lunch. The Glasgow Marriott Hotel is located in the heart of the city with many walkable attractions and historical sites nearby making it the perfect hotel for the 6th Annual TAICEP Conference!

Book On-Site Discounted Hotel Room Here

Message Board

The Message Board is a space for you to network and connect with colleagues before the conference. We welcome you to share ideas for sessions and workshops, request topics that you would like to see offered, and find co-presenters for your session proposal. You're even welcome to share local travel and tourism tips. Click on the image below to be directed to the Message Board and start sharing your ideas!