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Margaret Hutchinson The Glasgow Tourist Information office is located on 156a/158 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2LL. To contact them and get information on Glasgow, the surrounding area and Scotland please contact via e mail at:
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Timothy Kell Mags- here's something I've been asking myself. Is there any value (cost saving? fun adventure? great scenery? etc, etc) to flying into London, and then taking a train up to Glasgow? Or is that more hassle than it's worth?
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Rebecca Murphy Tim, I've been wondering the same! It's tricky to tell if it's worth it from here - would love to get some insider information about traveling around the area.
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Alistair Wylie Hi. I doubt there would be a cost saving plus the train service can be a bit hit or miss......and tickets can be costly unless you book far in advance. I guess it would really hinge on whether or not a stopover in London is important!
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Margaret Hutchinson Tim I would say it is more hassle than its worth to be honest, plus it is tiring and rail travel can be expensive. I would get to Glasgow by air and use time here. Might be better if you have time to stop off in London on way home?on the way home.
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Margaret Hutchinson Check out the following link for some traditional Scottish restaurants in Glasgow
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Margaret Hutchinson If you are keen to travel further afield and explore a bit more of Scotland then check out the following link for some ideas
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Margaret Hutchinson If anyone planning to add on some holidays either at the beginning or at the end of their TAICEP Conference trip here are some visitor attractions in and around the Glasgow area
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Margaret Hutchinson Scotland is a friendly, passionate and innovative country with a reputation for warm hospitality as well as a legacy of invention, research and knowledge. We look forward to welcoming you to our city, the city of Glasgow, a lively, bustling place, distinctive and full of character, where you are guaranteed to receive a fantastic welcome! Located on the River Clyde, Glasgow has been transformed from an industrial city with a strong shipbuilding heritage with many ocean liners being constructed on the banks of the River Clyde to the country's cultural centre. Glasgow is famous for its diverse architectural scene, excellent free museums, art galleries, world class Universities, concert venues, festivals, football teams, restaurants, bars and nightlife as well as an array of attractions and activities for everybody to enjoy Outside of London, Glasgow is the ‘go to’ shopping destination for all the top brands. Its Gaelic name meaning "dear green place" is very apt, given its 70 p
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